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Cost of education is an important concern for students who aim to study abroad. Apart from tuition fees, students also have to plan for their other expenses like living ,books & supplies, health insurance, transportation etc. Hence, it is imperative to understand the financial aspects of higher education abroad and scholarships opportunities available for international students.

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These are funds held by any of the student’s immediate family member including parents which can be utilized for documentation and actual expenses, as long as they are willing to sponsor the student. Financial documentation in these cases should accompany a ‘Sponsorship letter’ or an ‘Affidavit of Support’ from the sponsors apart from the capability certificate.

The number of students funding their education through bank loans is consistently increasing with a growth rate of about 15% each year. As per RBI’s regulations, banks in India are subsidizing student education loan for overseas studies under the priority lending sector (PSL) segment. Interest rates may vary with respect to the loan amount, course of study and the tenure with a moratorium period of one year from course completion or six months after getting a job , whichever is earlier.

Universities offer financial assistance to students who are academically outstanding. Usually, a student’s past academic records along with their performance in standardized tests (GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT) is considered. The financial support may be from any of the following means;


Scholarships are awarded for academically outstanding students. They can be from the institution of study or endowment based. Students can also receive scholarships in the form of public, private or research grants.


Assistantships are offered at the department level as Graduate Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships or Research Assistantships. If offered, students will receive monthly stipends and are required to assist professors in their teaching or research work. Assistantships are offered only at the graduate level and may sometimes accompany a partial tuition waiver.

Tuition waivers

Tuitionwaivers are offered at the institutional level, partial or full, and exempts students from paying the respective tuition fee. The most common for international students is the ‘Out-of-state’ or ‘Non-resident’ tuition waiver, which reduces almost half of the entire tuition burden.

Course Waivers

A student’s past academic performance in certain subjects can earn them a coursewaiver and are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Students earn course credits for the respective waivers.

Improve your chances of scholarship by following our guidelines.

Work on your finances

Assess your budget for higher education and funding options available to you. Students fund their education by any of the following means.

Improve your profile

Scholarships for international students are merit based than need based. Hence, improve your chances of scholarship by achieving high scores in academics and standardized tests (SAT, GRE, GMAT).

Location Matters

Choose your location wisely as cost-of-living and tuition vary to a greater extent across the countries.

Choose wisely

Be wise and choose universities which meet both your financial constraints and career goals. Public universities are considered cheaper than private institutions and many offer out-of state tuition waivers for academically strong students.

Apply Early

Most universities have priority deadlines for students looking for scholarships. Applications for admission are automatically considered for scholarship, though some universities may have separate applications. Be sure to submit individual scholarship application by the deadline, if any.

Vibedu International Education Pvt Ltd. is proud to congratulate all our stalwarts in achieving over $10,00,000 worth of scholarships. Investing on higher education abroad is an investment for your future. To make the right choice feel free to contact us.

Krishnan Nambiar
Lamar University MS Electrical Engineering Scholarship Amount - $7,462
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University of Houston MS Electrical Engineering Scholarship Amount - $18,640