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Pathway Programs (Undergraduate)

Pathway programs extend a path to an undergraduate degree. The programs are designed as a combination of intensive English and academic curriculum. These programs are great a opportunity for students who are not meeting some eligibility criteria at the time of admissions.

Pathway Programs (Postgraduate)

The Postgraduate Pathway program is a pre-Master’s program that provides international students a direct path to various graduate degrees at the university. The program gives students the academic foundation and essential language skills to successfully move on to the Master’s degree.

Pathway Advantage:

  • It provides a great opportunity to get Masters degree by bridging academic gaps.
  • Prepares students for life at University.
  • The Pre masters help to close the gap in the student’s English language proficiency, communication skills, and generic research skills while simultaneously
  • earning credits towards their MBA and Master of Science degree.
  • The students get to enjoy the facilities at the University Campus.
  • The Students make the most of their time by direct entry into the second year.

Programs Offered:

    • Undergraduate Pathway Program Business
    • Undergraduate Pathway Program Engineering
    • Undergraduate Pathway Program Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science
    • Undergraduate Pathway Program Science
    • Pre Masters Program Business
    • Pre Masters Program Engineering
    • Pre Masters Program Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Pre Masters Program Health Sciences

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