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About Admission Services

Under Profiling, our admissions experts conduct a detailed brainstorming session with students to understand their profile and background in terms of academic and/or professional background, career aspirations, financial budget and preferences.

a)Country Selection

Under Country Selection, the aim is to assist students in choosing the most appropriate study destination basis their preferences, overall profile, financial budget and career plans. Vibedu Review has a proven expertise in enabling students secure admission offers in countries across the globe such as USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France and several other European nations.

b)Course Selection

Course selection is the most important decision for a student. Our expert counsellors provide extensive information/guidance on this critical piece to students and help them choose the most appropriate course.

University Short-Listing

Identifying the best set of universities to apply to is an extremely challenging and time-consuming activity for study abroad aspirants. Our admissions services aim to make this process simple and systematic, hassle-free and most result-oriented for students. Our top consideration is to help students choose the most appropriate list of universities based on their profile, preferences and aspirations, with the objective of maximizing their chances of admission. The counselors at Vibedu help students to apply to the right schools in the right way.


Our editing service is a class apart. It is a comprehensive & amp; personalized service wherein the editing specialists play an instrumental role in enabling students maximize their chances of admission, in the universities of their choice. The editors engage personally with students to help them project their profile, achievements and goals in the most impactful manner via their written documents such as statement of purpose, essays, letters of recommendation and resume. The editing process at Vibedu does not involve any ghost writing. Editors do not write the documents from scratch. They conduct brainstorming sessions and guide students to think, research and discover themselves while writing the documents.

University Interview Preparation

An interview with a university’s admissions committee, most importantly for MBA applicants, plays a decisive role in the admissions process. Vibedu Review provides university interview prep service in order to prepare students (who have received interview call(s) from universities) ace the actual university interview and secure an admit. The service involves (i) sharing with students Tips/guidelines/probable questions for interview preparation, (ii) conducting 2-3 mock interview sessions with students (iii) providing feedback post mock sessions.

Application Review And Assistance

The entire process of applying to universities is a challenging exercise for students since it involves multiple steps. In this process, students should follow a university’s instructions to the letter and ensure that they submit the application as per the deadlines. Any type of error can jeopardize their chances of admission. Apart from preparing the written documents, there are so many other aspects involving a university application such as filling the application form, arranging for and sending transcripts and financial statements, submitting test score reports etc. Vibedu Review understands the application process inside and out by virtue of reviewing thousands of applications every year.

Visa Counselling

Our expert guide students through the whole visa process, regardless of the country they apply to, be it USA, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong or any other country. Our Visa Counselling specialists guide students on the student visa process, giving comprehensive advice related to the visa application, required documentation, visa interview, etc. They keep a track of updates in visa regulations which ensure that our students get up-to- date information. Whether it is comprehending visa requirements, advising students on filling the visa application, answering queries, reviewing visa applications, or conducting mock visa interview sessions, our experts extend full support for all of the above.

Choosing The Right University To Study Science In UK

Choosing the right university is an important decision as it affects a student’s career options later in life. This decision should only be taken after due consideration, and after the student is sure about what they themselves want from the university is when they should start narrowing down the choices for universities. A few factors that one might consider are:

  • Importance of attending the University Orientation and how to book etc
  • Requirements for Enrolment
  • IT requirements
  • What to carry to the University
  • Customs and quarantine
  • Airport pick-up service
  • Accommodation
  • Cost of living
  • Transport
  • Cultural differences
  • Visa Restrictions-Part time and post study
  • Safety and security
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Plagiarism
  • How to make the best use of the international exposure?

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